What is Feminine Motion?

Feminine Motion is a new exciting way to learn to make your movements in day to day life softer and more feminine. All from the comfort of your own home with a teacher online.

You wish that you could be more delicate in your day to day movement, walk a little more elegantly, sit neatly and dare to wear more fitting or more flowing garments without getting into a tangle.  And lets face it, who hasn't wished that they could walk better and more comfortably in a pair of heels?

At Feminine Motion we understand how movement works.  What makes female movement different and we understand how to help you to listen to your body and how to persuade it gently to move in a different way.

Whether you are looking for guidance in those skyscraper heels, going through transition or are playing the leading lady.

We want you to move like the woman you want to be.