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What Makes Movement Feminine?

Most of the difference in Masculine and Feminine Movement Style is based in the alignment between hips and shoulders.

Male movement tends to be carried out with shoulders fixed directly above the hips without any rotation at the waist

Female movement has more mobility in the hip and waist allowing hips to move with the leg and giving swinging motion from the waist and a tilt to the hips

The female pelvis tilts forward giving a deeper arch in the spine and a greater range of mobility in the hip and waist

Can I learn to move in a more feminine way?

The short answer is 'Yes!'

Our experienced tutors will be there to guide your journey.

You will be supported in finding the right muscles to use to give you a more flowing movement style, you will be helped in mobilising those muscle groups and given tips and tricks to help you to integrate that movement into your daily life.

To begin with you will learn to move in a more feminine way consciously, it will require thought and effort to begin with,  but as you move through your sessions with your tutor and the practice that you do at home, you will begin to notice that your skills become easier to use, more natural to execute and that your natural movement pattern begins to flow.

Who is Feminine Movement For?

Feminine Movement is for anyone who wants to move in a more feminine way.

It might be that you want help to walk in those fantastic heels that you bought to go out in, or that you are transitioning and want to embrace a more feminine style.

Maybe you are playing the leading lady and want to be able to swing your hips

Because all of our sessions are private sessions online we will work with you towards your goals.

When you book a session or a course with us your tutor will meet with you online beforehand at no extra cost.  This allows us to discuss what you want to achieve and to develop a plan to suit your needs


We want you to really enjoy and look forward to your sessions with us.  To be at ease with your tutor and to get the maximum benefit from each session 

How long will it take?

So much of this depends on you!  Your tutor will be there to help you to understand what you need to do, and you will go away from your session with new things to try each time you see us.

Your results will depend on your motivation and opportunity to put into practice the guidance that you have been given.  Differences in movement can be made with each session that you take with us if you work at it, and sessions can be booked individually or as a short course so that you can learn at your own pace and take as long as you need to practice in between sessions.