How does it work?

Your Feminine Motion journey will begin with a brief online consultation with one of our experienced friendly tutors.  We want you to feel at ease and to look forward to your sessions with us.

You and your tutor will be able to discuss your movement style and what you would like to change.  Your teacher will talk about the steps that you will take together towards moving with more elegance and grace, as well as the practical aspects of how to integrate your new style of movement into your everyday.  This will allow our experienced movement tutor to ensure that your lessons are tailored to your needs.

Our lessons can cover understanding how your body can move in a more feminine way.

Learning to isolate, mobilize and use the right muscle groups to promote more feminine movement.

Walking and standing in a more feminine way.  Walking in heels.  Having confidence in your new movement style, as well as how to train yourself to use more feminine movement in your everyday life effortlessly  

All of our private sessions take place online in the comfort of your own home and are booked online